Hiarcs chess explorer

New save indicator at end of played game. Board graphic commentary saved with games and available in replay and navigation. Opening Explorer tree can be used with engine match results to examine game statistics for position. Configurable notation colours and background notation colour. Many other improvements and bug fixes.

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Auto save of engine match games. Improved memory management for hash tables and nalimov caches. Stars mark live games which have been updated, stars are only removed when you have seen the game and leave it.

Many games and annotations provided by www.

Player Explorer now supports expansion of player opening reports. Provides incredibly strong analysis, advice and play - single or multiprocessor version available. Dette helt nye produktet med Hiarcs 14 blir straks en spennende, innholdsrik og brukervennlig konkurrent i markedet. Oppgi PC-versjon eller Mac-versjon ved bestillingen!

Deep Hiarcs Chess Explorer - Play Free Chess Online - Internet Chess Club

Comprehensive PGN database capabilities including simultaneous handling of multiple databases, searching and filtering by game header, game sorting, openings and positions etc, ECO and opening name classification, game lists and much more.

Increased hash table sizes allowed. Ti chess Chess program for some Texas Instrument calculators and their windows emulators. Hello, I have a pc not a mac.

Hiarcs Chess Explorer

Preview any position in engine analysis output using cursor and pop up board. Login or create an account to earn points. This enables exploder to keep the Game Explorer list of games and the Opening Explorer list of statistics in sync as your move forward or backwards through variations.

Lichess The complete chess experience, play and compete in tournaments with friends others around the world. Add new user moves as variations.

Top quality GM database of games with consistent official Fide player names. Played games are now always saved unless user disables it. All other product trademarks acknowledged. Velkommen til Norges ledende sjakkbutikk!

Faster response handling for online books. Player clock times restored after replaying move. Login or create an account to be rewarded for sharing your referral link! Friday May 25, The product is available in two versions.

Hiarcs Chess Explorer (for PC og Mac) - Sjakkbutikken

This unique combination is refreshingly easy to use and includes many new features for chess preparation, analysis and training for players of all abilities from beginner to Grandmaster.

Additional sound mode to play sounds for all moves. The engine isn't the strongest, but it's plenty strong enough for most purposes.

Integrated online access explordr massive Terabyte endgame databases to give precise answers about endgame outcomes about DVDs worth of data! Updates to ECO reference. First move of main variations in bold.

Famous for its human-like and entertaining attacking playing style. Improved hints and guess move advice. Other search criteria can be used to build a repertoire tree based on different search criteria.

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