Classic start menu in windows 8

And it works on Windows 8. You can set up the orb to display the traditional Start menu or the Start screen. The traditional Run and Search commands are available. Another option is creating a custom folder full of program shortcuts and using a toolbar that points at that folder instead.

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In Windows 8, how can I have a Start menu as in previous versions of Windows?

Let us be honest, what people really want when they ask for Windows 7 back is that it be done with the modern Windows 8 Start Screen and make their machine more mouse and keyboard friendly. You can opt to hide the program's Start button and instead trigger its roundup of six buttons by simply moving your mouse to the lower lefthand corner. It still shows your most frequently used apps. Pokki and Start Menu Reviver are both two great free solutions to get the job done; you can check them out by clicking here for Pokki and clicking here for Start Menu Reviver.

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For help navigating, see Getting around in Windows. The bottom of the menu sports more features, notably a search tool. The Start menu appears in the traditional two-pane format with shortcuts to your programs and folders on the left and links to Documents, Pictures, Control Panel, and other windods on the right. The familiar Run command lets you type the name of a program, folder, or file to open it.

How to get the Start menu back in Windows 8 - CNET

For those who are unaware, the large update pushed by Microsoft for Windows 8. Other options allow you to set the default language, change the color of the Start menu, and disable all Windows 8 feature. Get Help Read the F. You can even access Modern apps either through individual shortcuts or an entire folder. You can start off as a basic user and then upgrade later on if you wish. Right-clicking the orb presents a menu with options to launch the Start screen, open File Explorer, trigger the Run command, and access the full Shutdown menu.

You can also tweak some key Windows settings, such as whether to bypass the Start screen and go directly to the desktop, what Windowe does after you close a Modern app, and what happens when you press the Windows key. But if you're willing to spend the time learning and customizing StartMenuPlus8, you may want to give the trial version a spin. Large power and search buttons have now also been placed on the Start Screen for easier access and you can now right click Start tiles to view their options or rearrange them.

You can easily customize StartIsBack by right-clicking the Start orb and selecting the Properties windoes. You can tweak the behavior of the program's Start orb to display a familiar two-column Start menu or the Windows Start screen.

The ViStart FAQ confirms that no right-click support is available, but that the feature is on the drawing board for a future version. But 8Startbutton offers a different spin on the classic Windows Start menu.

For example, one button shuts down Windows, another restarts it, and another signs you out. But I still find the folder-structured Start menu the quickest and easiest way to launch any application when I'm already working in mneu desktop.

How to get the Start menu back in Windows 8

Pressing Win by itself does virtually the same thing, but also automatically opens the Classic Shell Start menu. On a slower machine, you may notice yourself booting into the Start screen, but if you wait a few seconds you will be forwarded to the desktop.

You can right click on any folder or shortcut to access a pop-up menu of commands. Thank you so much! Several third-party utilities can serve as Start menu replacements for Windows 8 users who aren't as keen on the new Start screen. The program offers a quick but helpful series of tutorials explaining how to use its features.

Still miss the classic Start menu in Windows 8 and 8. And those are just what you'll find here. This is document bcqy in the Knowledge Base.

For example, you can disable Windows 8 hot corners if you wish, add or remove commands in the winndows, and change its skin. There's even an option to set up virtual groups to organize your shortcuts.

You can download a free 7-day trial version of the program. Start Menu Reviver acts as your gateway to pretty much anywhere you want to go in Windows 8 without having to fiddle with screens, tiles, or charms.

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