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The following table lists the metrics attributes: If you choose to not specify the date, the current system date is used. Unisphere Client is a complete standalone version of the Unisphere 1.

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If there are less than samples available, the result lists all samples within the time period. By default, the timestamps are UTC time. View historical metrics settings. The following table lists the metrics attributes: Specify the end of the query period.

The -from and -to qualifiers take precedence over the -count qualifier. This results in an error because the time for the -from qualifier is specified in the future.

Unit measure for the metric. High frequency short interval metric values are not kept as long as low frequency long interval metrics. View the current metrics service settings.

Availability of the metric. Unisphere Client eliminates the need to download the UI applet which can dramatically speed start up over slow or distant network connections.

The following table lists the metrics service attributes: If cliemt -from and -to qualifiers are not specified, the output will include 10 samples. The following command displays the metrics service settings for the metrics with the specified paths:. Indicates whether historical metrics collection is enabled or disabled.

Ensure that the value is a time in the past. This attribute does not apply to family, set, and compound metrics. The following command displays the maximum, minimum, and average value for each metric every 60 seconds during the query period:. Valid values are numbers greater than or equal to one.

The software lies dlient System Utilities, more precisely General. Specify a type of metric to display.

EMC Community Network - DECN: Download unisphere client

Displays the member values for grouped metrics. The following command displays the specified metric, associated with a single object type, SPs, every 60 seconds during the query period:. In the example below, only 7 samples exist between the from and to dates.

Download Unisphere Client 1. Specify the start of the query period.

Dell EMC Unity Performance Metrics With Unisphere CLI | Dell EMC Switzerland (Deutsch)

View information about supported metrics. Dell EMC Netzwerke entdecken.

Our antivirus scan shows that this download is clean. Storage system metrics gather information about system performance and storage usage, and collect that information for user review. The actual developer of the free program is EMC Corporation.

Monitor system performance using the CLI

The following table summarizes the CLI commands used to display paths for the available metrics:. The most popular versions among the program users are 1.

SS sec If the data for a certain interval is unisphre available, the system displays not available instead of a timestamp. Displays all available metrics paths.

When used in combination with the ability to stop serving the UI applet from the Storage Processors restrict management IP addresses the Unisphere Client can be used to restrict users to specific Windows unisohere for added security.

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