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Luke and Michelle get closer, and finally kiss. Gloria creates a new plan for Lance as Eddie's accountant. Nikki worries about William's true feelings. Maria and Michelle get into a fight. Luke and Michelle connive to bring Michael and Nikki together to talk out their differences.

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One TV show dates: William proposes to Maria. Maria frantically tries to find ways to escape her debt to William.

Maria fakes a heart attack, and son Luke rushes to her. Michelle is dishonest to Luke about her and Lance. William tells Maria that their rivalry will only end in death. Meanwhile, it is revealed to the audience that William is actually operating on behalf of a mysterious third party.

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Lexi feels ostracized by Luke and his friends. Luke and William take turns quizzing each other about their relationships.

Tania continues to spiral back into drugs and drink.

Fashion House Highlights 10 Episode She tended to fight with everyone, including Maria herself. Fashion Today's host conspires with Maria to sabotage Michelle's story. The girl who played the mother with the little boy who tried to be sexy all the time Yipes!!

Maria tries to make final plans for her wedding, but finds that she's out of funds and needs to tap into Luke's trust fund again.

Nikki Clark - Michelle's best friend, girlfriend of Luke's friend, Michael, who is carrying his child. While trying to hurt Nikki, Tania flirts with Michael. Evans importance in getting a job interview. Michael and Luke save Tania and take her to rehab.

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Gloria tries to hpuse Michelle, but her own son Alek is shot instead. Maria is unhappy with the wedding dress designs fashoin by her staff. Maria was given a funeral, which allowed Luke to vent his rage about the hypocrisy in his life, although he and Michelle had a long talk about what his mother had done to them afterwards, and they reaffirmed the love they had for one another.

Eddie tells Lance of a nasty plan of his, but Rodney insists on not playing along. William in particular was quite protective of his brother.

However, the most widely remembered catfight was between arch-enemies Maria and Sophia, after the former was jilted at the altar by the latter's son.

Some others included catfights between models Tania and Nikki. Lexi tries to sabotage Maria's photo shoot. Luke and Michelle get closer, and finally kiss. Fashion House Tg Michelle and Gloria apologize to sho other for what's happened between them. Michelle, who is surprised by the grounds of her divorce, is drawn closer to Luke. Lance manipulates Michelle into helping him.

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Tania hooks up with Eddie. Maria is disappointed with Tania's "Face of Gianni" shots and resolves to fire her.

Lance strikes a deal with Maria, and bring Eddie in as a silent investor.

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