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The best media player for you is the one you most enjoy using. GOM Player, or Gretech Online Movie Player, is a completely free Windows media player alternative that comes with inbuilt support for the most popular video and audio formats. Which one do you use to enjoy movies and other media content? It also easy to setting display on video. If you have a large video collection, Kodi will help you to organize it neatly and, unlike Windows Media Player, will download posters, movie and show information in addition to the usual metadata.

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Your review for VLC media player. If you thought Media Player Classic was lightweight, this will blow you away. Free Download Safe download.

It also gives you the choice to change skins and make the whole look of GOM Player highly customized. As far as the players go, I'll have to try out some of the new suggestions to me. This was quite the strangest thing for me to experience, Windowe mean, nothing, absolutely nothing responded when I tried to operated controls on Media Jukebox and MediaMonkey. DivX player also comes with playet features like Trick Play, which lets you jump to your favorite scenes easily.

I do hope you can give advice quickly. Kodi will play almost all local and network video and audio files, and can also stream content from the web. Your email address will not be published.

KMPlayer - Download

You can download free at mediamonkey. Frustrating, doubly so because I brought this on myself. Play your audio and video for free with this version of VLC for Windows I still prefer 1BY1 player: More it freeze in my pc after 20minutes.

But unlike VLC, which can run into trouble when dealing with larger files or cutting-edge video formats, PotPlayer always sindows. VLC is complex and powerful.

If you're watching DVDs or video files through it, this is not an issue. V10 bit codes plus multi-threaded decoding for H. From time-to-time, this free movie player keeps receiving new features and updates.

PotPlayer has tons of features and specialties that can easily give VLC a run for its money. It organizes your collections and makes it look great. Forr vote goes to GOM.

Join us for a walk down Nostalgia Lane and discover the oldest surviving Windows programs. JetAudio Plus VX for music because it has added enhancements that other players make you pay for, and its free on the internets.

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The Best Windows 10 Apps. I was going to bring up Media Player Classic, but someone beat me to it. Free Media Player could support this function. This program is also available for iPhoneAndroid and Mac.

Despite appearances, dismissing this option won't cancel the installation. Problem started from 1 week reviewed on April 1, More easy to use and efficient, it gives me the pleasure and desire to continue listening to the vibes everytime I turn it on.

In short, it has everything you could want from a free media player. I just love it. If you set up keyboard shortcuts and get the album searching plugin, even with no further configuration this is an incredibly meddia music player. Great players, but I think neither Songbird nor Media Jukebox handle podcasts I shall continue choosing it anytime I buy a new computer.

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