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Choose to manually configure a connection to a DB2 database. Installing the CAE will not give you all the components you need. Install the application server and point to that database as the SilverMaster as described in Installing Novell exteNd. Package pathnames are already properly installed. If you can't save records in DB2 after adding the database, you may have to set a transaction variable.

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To do this, you may reference the DB2 instance created previously directly in the application server's environment file. Package pathnames are already properly installed.

Configuring DB2 Databases

Does it have to be open source? There are several things that can be done to reduce the time it takes for the application server to read the schema and two main approaches to follow:. But you will need to download and import db2jcc. Add that database to the application server for use as a deployment database.

To create a new DB2 client alias: In addition, see the following IBM documents:.

For example, you may create your views to see the objects of three different owners. You must stop the Administration Server before you remove DB2 products. On the server, as the instance owner, db2 connect to database name revoke connectcreatetab, bindadd on database from public grant connectcreatetab, bindadd on database to group faculty grant connectcreatetab, bindadd on database to group ugrad Prepping a database for class activities On server, increase the application heap sizelocks parameter.

In order to run the Client Configuration Assistant, your NT login must have administrator authority and the ID must be no longer than eight characters.

Reference that owner of those views in the. IBM has extensive documentation available on configuring the database and the client software to support connectivity from the Universal Database Client. Create views of all the system tables using an alternate owner must be performed by DBA.

The preceding options are highly recommended to reduce installation and server start times. Log in dh2 the Administration Server owner. This question appears to be off-topic. Enter the target database name.

IBM Data Studio

This step is not required but is recommended. I'm sure clietn great if you can pay for it, but I'm definitely happier with Squirrel.

Is there any opensource DB2 client? To greatly reduce the total number of tables that the application server interrogates, you need to complete these steps:.

Control Center is better IMO. Connecting to DB2 databases.

IBM Knowledge Center

The recommendations I've gotten have steered me towards Squirrel, but it seems to be more personal preference than anything. By default, this sets up the JDBC 1. On the client machine, to connect to the database from client, you have to catalog the database from client. Now you're cliient to access the DB2 database from the application server.

Figured I'd add my two cents in case someone else swings through via the Googles.

Without modifications, the application server will attempt to add all DB2 tables and views into its environment. Addition of a DB2 database without modifications to the. Most applications need only a subset of the entire list. Jeyaganesh 4 20 For more information, see the chapter on SilverCmd in the Facilities Guide or the section on adding a database in the chapter on data source configuration in the Administrator's Guide.

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