Apache for solaris 10

Set the ServerName directive. Download the following files from the OpenSSL web site:. You are commenting using your WordPress. Invalid argument; must be one of:

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Use the following command to configure and compile OpenSSL. Issue httpsdctl start to start up your Apache server by hand. Note — The ServerType directive does not exist in Apache 2.

Solaris 10: how to install and configure Apache HTTP Server as a service

Hand off the certreq. For example you might put the following into the search bar in a browser when on the local machine: Create a certificate request using the keys you just created. The Apache web server included in the Linux installation does not have the appropriate plugins. The DocumentRoot directive tells Apache what it should use for its root location to apacge files out of.

Installing and Configuring Apache (Sun Cluster Data Service for Apache Guide for Solaris OS)

Note - Apache could fail to start with an error message similar to the following: There is no way to retrieve a lost passphrase. Make sure that the file can print the pass phrase for each of your encrypted keys when called with the correct parameters.

Set the BindAddress directive optional. Set the Listen directive. Note - Using Apache 2.

Note - The default port is Recently I needed to install and configure a very basic installation of Apache webserver for a project I am working on. If this file does not exist in that directory fof a listing is automatically generated and served out instead.

There are many other options to configure Apache. State or Province Name.

Installing and Configuring Apache

Enter PEM pass phrase: This passphrase protects the key material. Enter you PEM passphrase if prompted for solagis. Contact your Sun sales representative for a complete list of Apache versions that are supported with the Sun Cluster software. Installing a Non-Secure Apache Webserver This section provides procedures for installing a non-secure Apache webserver.

apache2 - Solaris package

Enable the Apache Web Server. You are commenting using your WordPress. Try going to http: Prepare a certificate request and a certificate as described in the previous sections of this chapter. Rename the private key as server.

Replace ServerName with your server name in the http. Test the Apache Web Server as described apacche the previous sections of this chapter. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Make sure that the web server does not ask you for a passphrase. If you already have a private key and certificate, go to Enabling Apache Web Server.

What you are about to enter is what is solxris a Distinguished Name or a DN. This procedure installs a non secure version of the Apache webserver.

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