Blue toes the christmas elf

But thanks to some quick thinking on Lonesome's part, the duo finish the job in half the time, and they set out to join the others to show them all the work they did. Your toes will not turn blue. Unfortunately, by the time Small One and Lonesome arrive at the forest, they are unaware that the polar bear has already scared away the other elves, and this leads to one final confrontation between Small One and the polar bear. But with it being December 24th, there was no way that Santa would have had time to drop Lonesome off. I think it turned out quite well.

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But somehow, Small One ends up falling in the bag of toys as well, causing two toys to be left behind, and Small One and Lonesome end up going on Santa's sleigh after all. Instead of recording the show I wanted to watch on channel three, I accidentally had the dial set on channel four, meaning that I recorded the wrong show!

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And, Small One is worried that if the kids wake up and see no toys there, they will be disappointed and upset. And when Lonesome got Santa's attention, he found a shivering Small One cuddled up in a ball, with his frostbitten toes turning a sickly shade of blue.

Saturday, November 30, Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf. Of course, after I watched Bluetoes But I was only seven or eight when I was first learning how to set the timer on the VCR, and I ended up making one fatal error. Of course, that's not to say that Small One didn't have any friends at all. And, sometime during the course of the special, Small One befriends a little lost penguin, whom Small One gave the name of "Lonesome".

Xhristmas that any of it was Small One's tofs, mind you. And, for those of you of the Jewish faith, I hope that your Hanukkah celebrations are peaceful, happy, and filled with lots of food and family. Even though Lonesome and Small One have a lot of fun fixing up all of the stockings, Small One is disappointed that he has to stay behind while the rest of the elves select the Christmas tree for the year. Just because it happens in a cartoon, doesn't mean it happens in the real world.

Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf () - Rotten Tomatoes

Unfortunately, by the time Small One and Lonesome arrive at the forest, they are unaware that the polar bear has already scared away the other elves, and this leads to one final confrontation between Small One and the polar bear. Your toes will not turn blue.

Needless to say, the polar bear quickly discovers the bizarre phenomenon known as 'static electricity', and he shreds tofs single glue to try and get all the socks off of him - undoing all of the hard work that Small One and Lonesome put into them, and once again making Small One the ties of the entire elf community. And, you know how Bluetoes was the inspiration blhe the tradition of filling up stockings with all sorts of goodies.

Or, maybe it has to do with the nickname that he ends up with at the very end of the special? He loved Santa and the other elves, and he just wanted to do his part to make sure that Christmas ran smoothly. But, why would I decide on the spur of the moment to make this blog blue? You'll see why in a moment. How do you like the new holiday themed logo for this month?

Now you have another legend about how the tradition of hanging up stockings came to be. We'll answer that question and more.

Granted, I don't claim to be an expert in creating computer graphic designs. By the time Santa came back with the two gifts, he was shocked to learn that the children were having a lot of fun with the tiny toys that Small One had given to them. Of course, now you know how Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf got his name. In Bluetoes, toys are not built So, Small One decides to hide Lonesome in one of the bags of toys in hopes that Santa would be flying over Lonesome's home on his travels.

Lonesome and Small One quickly become the best of friends, and Lonesome ends up helping Small One patch all the stockings that he is forced to repair as punishment for sinking Santa's sleigh to the bottom of the frozen lake after yet another confrontation with the polar bear.

Which is why I searched the depths of the Internet trying to find it so that ble call could have the opportunity to watch it. But this year, I thought to myself Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf. No wonder Small One felt as though he was doing more harm than good when the other elves toex treating him like an annoyance. Maybe it's because the main character of this holiday special happens to be completely dressed in blue. How do you like it?

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