Diet for a small planet

The shows all wanted to talk recipes and cooking. She makes the connection between today's farming and food production systems and global capitalism. Reading it now feels a little outdated, not because the information is old indeed, much of it rings familiar to contemporary complaints about the global food industry , but her enthusiastic 'look what I've discovered! ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

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Ppanet States of America. Using some of the info in my health coaching business, too! I used to think that the "good life" meant settling down with a family and career. I have noticed a 'vast right-wing veganspiracy' in advertising, tv and movies lately.

Having said that, Aa still highly recommend this book. And, back then, what she had to say was revolutionary. I used this book like a bible when my kids were vegetarians during their growing years. And the average U.

If You Think Eating Is A Political Act, Say Thanks To Frances Moore Lappe : The Salt : NPR

Anna says there's still a lot of work to do to promote food choices that are healthy for people and the planet.

Frances was in a studio in Boston, Anna in the Oakland, Calif. In my new edition of Diet, I ask the reader to pretend that he or she is president of an imaginary company called Conglomerated Foods, Inc.

But that job was totally frustrating. You're critical of the wastefulness and injustice in our country. The video content is misleading. Mini Habits for Weight Loss: But humanity is making progress.

I've heard from thousands of others around the country, telling me about the positive changes that have taken place in their smakl, too, as they've learned more about the politics of food. Refresh and try again.

Walnut cheddar loaf sure makes the planet FEEL small.

Diet for a Small Planet

Though my husband never fully made that transition, he enjoyed many of these dishes. I began to see parallels between the plight of starving people in the Third World and what was happening in my own country.

There're always ways to get rid of the extra food, though: Yes, most people are so overwhelmed by the horror of world hunger that they feel paralyzed. But "it's the economic and political structures [that] determine whether or not that production is actually meeting the needs of human beings.

Frances Moore Lappe: Diet for a Small Planet

If Lappe feels self-important, it is because to a real extent her book or at lea I read the 20th anniversary edition of this book which is nearly 20 years old itself and recommend that anyone else who do so start with the actual book, then read the intros and comments in chronological order.

So instead of helping everyone, the technology benefits some and harms others.

I can't imagine anyone's disagreeing that there is great injustice in the manner in which food and power are shared in the world. Then, too, the fact that I'm a woman samll have helped. Even in Bangladesh, a country which is often considered a hopeless "basket case", locally produced grain alone could provide each person with over 2, calories a day.

Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe |

I read the 20th anniversary edition of this book which is nearly 20 years old itself and recommend that anyone else who do so start with the actual book, then read the intros and comments in chronological order.

It's a beautiful little book and it deserves to be on everyone's shelf. I was given the first version by an aunt who was vegetarian and read it cover-to-cover, and later used it as a guidebook for my forays into vegetarianism. English Choose a language for shopping.

Stone earlier this week that read:. I understand, of course, that grain-fed meat is not the cause of the world hunger problem-and eating some of it doesn't directly take food out of the mouths of starving people-but it is, to me, a symbol and a symptom of the basic irrationality of a food system that's divorced from human needs.

She explains how our current food system leads to overproduction, environmental devastation, hunger and questionable food products.

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