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Found this map on the "Surviving Minecraft" site. To obtain a wool block you'll have to complete objectives. Also, I know I sound like a noob, but I can't find out how to post the screenshots of the building. Assassin's Creed 4 Havana. Nomscorch's Havana is an accurate recreation of Assassins Creed 4:

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Could you please give me credits as to the maker of the trailer? Last edited by RandomExamples: Explore the vast city's immersive streets and enjoy the map's many parkour routes, designed to feel like Assassins Creed.

Msg me any details you mineccraft like or any questions. Download Scroll down to post 2. Is this your first map? That song was beatiful: Great work and kudos to you! Sky for adding the final touches pixelbits for the minimap idea or he will kill me.

The Assassin’s Creed Origin [Parkour]

Last edited by DrChriz: Awesome map, needs more masyaf keys though. Unaco is very tired, click her to give her some water.

We have created a texture pack to better capture the vibrant colours and details of Havana, and this is required and provided to thoroughly enjoy the map.

Your main objective is to find the 3 Masyaf keys, which are located in treasure rooms at the end of difficult parkour courses Many other things to do include: Last edited by AMVFanatic The qssassins is also great fun in multiplayer,you can either play tag or you can finish the dungeons in co-op. Youtube Account name is CivilGaming. Create Account or Sign Minecrafr.

The map looks excellent so far.

Jurrelia Level 1 New Architect January 30,8: Havana includes challenges and objectives to complete, which will be updated and added over time. Click here to download! Adamm17 Level 52 Grandmaster Vampire December 30,8: When ever I come across something of note, I will post it hear. I didn't make this Texture Pack, steelfeathers did. Assaxsins have an idea. Definitely the best parkour map yet.

Assassin's Creed 4 Havana by NomScorch Minecraft Project

Again, love the map, just trying to clear things up. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Any amount is greatly appreciated. It's highly recommended to use the texture pack!

This map is soooooooooooo good im currently doin an lp of it when ive uploaded the first part ill link assaasins. If not, it is great.

Then, you place three ladders up on one wall, than three ladders at the next level of height on the other wall. Banner Use the code below in your signature to support Assassin's Creep! This map looks amazing!

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