Huawei modem firmware update

Remember these code work only when use to unlock your modem with custom firmware if not work then you should not try this. Helo Sir, i unlocked the huawei ec modem but upon inserting tata photon default software is installed. However,our back-end team is working on this issue. I have huawei EBu-1 airtel…. Once the update is over, you'll receive an Update Success notification like that below.

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I resolved the issue downloading the last firmware. Is there any way to unlock photon max wifi data data card EC Which software can be used to unlock these modem.

They may be firware installed on the device or update able. Thank you very much in advance for your collaboration. AE01F64B Could you please send me the password.

Message 7 of 7 3, Views. Please help me in unlocking Huawei Model No: My Next post will be on huawei firmwares that will show list of huawei firmware for download. I have huawei EBu-1 airtel….

Huawei Firmware Update Download

Windows 7 don't recognize the Huawei mobile device because it doesn't find the right drivers. Please provide me the hole process to unlock Huawei EC Please juawei me of my email address.

Howcome a similar update wasn't offered by Telkom for clients who are using their B which was pushed extensively by Telkom to its customers not long ago? Sorry,Currently we have not uploaded this Firmware.

I have an EC Device and want to restore its frimware to factory version please suggest a fimrware.

I could see that you and your team is providing solutions to many questions posted, Many thanks firkware them. The Wireless terminal inserted is not firmware, Update cant continue.

Recently I purchased Vodafone HG wireless router.

And for login atept try this https: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Helo Sir, i unlocked the huawei ec modem but upon inserting tata photon default software is installed. Where can i put this unlock code?????????? Some times modem comes with locked firmware, you can unlock it via upgrade or download grading the software of modem. Click on Universal Updae Code.

Huawei B315 - Firmware updates to fix slow speed

I tried update software on e Glo Bolt. Please download hi-link mobile partner from here http: Viva kuwait many thanks in advance. LED changes colour randomly between light blue and dark blue normal 3G at any time of day, including odd times like 4am.

Three weeks ago, suddenly data speed dropped resulting in buffering when updat to video stream.

Huawei Firmware Upgrade And Downgrade - Usb Modem

If you send me those software and procedure then i will greatly thankfull to you. Insert firmwate flash code you created in Step 2 and click next. How to Connect Modem Properly. You can calculate your unlock code from here http: Run huawei modem unlocker and it will be like following screen. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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