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First notice that this is a whole new number 4. Davido Wins Award by Asad Easy Registration For New Users: Registration can be easily done within the 2go mobile application. Weekend Joke by Asad

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So if you have not upgraded your 2go app yet, you should do so right now to enjoy the new features.

After you download the 2go mobile chat app, wait for it to load. Vedsion Names by Asad The Chats screen shows you a summary of all your new chats including chats with your friends, chats in rooms and group chats.

Download Latest 2go Version 6.0.3 with Voice chat here - www.2go.im (Official Version)

You see a screen with the question: World Food Day by Asad If also looks like they have added more rooms to give you guys neq wide range of topics to discuss about. First, let us look at the new features of this brand new 2go mobile chat app.

From the colors to the versuon to the icons, everything just looks refreshing and easy on the eye. Pls i want to change my 2go number to another.

Usernames are now black and styled with mew round cyan colored box. First notice that this is a whole new number 4.

New Icons For Friend Updates: Downloads Shop Chat Tools. If they changed their status, the icon will be a small blue quote; if they changed their relationship, the icon would be a heart symbol, and so on.

This is where you will be taken immediately after you log in to 2go.

Download 2go for Android - free - latest version

New 2go Version 3. To switch from one account to the other, go to the 2go vresion, then scroll to the bottom where you'll find the link that says "Switch Account".

Weekend Joke by Asad That's a good one! Clicking on this menu item will log you out of your current account and provide a login box for you to use your other account. Usually, in programming or in building apps, a release or update with a fresh new number is called a "big release" because the new app has a lot of significant differences from the 3.

Chat with friends. Meet new people.

You can go out of the chat screen by pressing the back button, this would take you to the normal 2go menu. Note that a phone number cannot be registered twice on 2go, so if that number has been registered before, it will just log you in.

Top Posters This Month Credits. I have made it available in the Applications category of our downloads section for the benefit of Tecno cosmos users, you can also use the direct download link below: Check out the pictures attached. New Design For 2go Rooms: Download 2go Version 6. Easy Registration For New Users: You can now use more than one 2go account in the new 2go version 4. The update icon shown beside a friend that has updated their profile is now icon specific, that is, the icon shown will depend on what the user changed.

Galary Post: Download 2go Latest Version For Java, Android, Iphone - playagandia.info

Download New 2go Chat Messenger Version 3. On the next page, you will enter your phone number.

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