Baofeng uv 5r plus

Btw the work radios we have I think are Kenwood or Motorola, I don't remember for sure cause I normally don't carry one because I drive the truck and don't spend much time on the yard. Ronald Dennis April 26, at You may listen on other bands, assuming your state does not restrict use or possession of a "police scanner" without a ham license. Fortunately, there are some helpful resources available from a global community of UV-5R enthusiasts, including an easier to read and understand owner's manual and an excellent software application designed to program the UV-5R from a computer.

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How to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R from the keypad

Jerry Shock May 6, at Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Rick July 5, at The internal microphone dies. Btw the work radios we have I think are Kenwood or Motorola, I don't remember baofenb sure cause I normally don't carry one because I drive the truck and don't spend much time on the yard. I use this all the time when we travel, I will look up the frequencies I wish to monitor, also, if able, I will program in the local Law Enforcement to scan those frequencies so I can keep track of possible danger in the area, accidents and so forth so I can avoid such problems on the Highways.

Any thoughts on this probllem? Maria July 4, at 5: Battery indicator is better.

BaoFeng UV-5R/UV-5R+ Plus FM Transceiver Review Part 1 |

Leave a comment Please wait I suppose at this juncture I should pull out the review disclaimer! I was happily surprised by this. In comparison with my FTD fromthe differences are very marginal.

baoteng After that, the indicator finally lowers, but you cannot work very long anymore on that same battery. Ken C July 4, at 8: I am having trouble on entering the pl tone which.

Mohamed May 8, at 6: Okay, it is not very rich in bass tones. And it works great in combination with the way that Baofeng filtered and amplified the in- and outgoing signals.

Gary April 24, at I purchased 2 baofeng uv-5r I still can't program it to the police scanner. Yesterday I tried to talk to my dad from my house to his which is only about 3 miles by way the crow flies and there is trees and other terrain between us so I just assumed that it was too much interference to talk 3 miles. Follow the instructions uf Miklor. On 70cm, the UV-5RE is somewhat better.

BAOFENG UV-5R Plus | eBay

But you have to think of that. Charging an empty battery, takes approximately 6 hours with the included desktop charger. I simply gave up on manual programing, I purchased the cable off Ebay, I think it was under 5 bucks, plug her into your PC and run CHIRP free software for programing these guys then you will be able to make all the settings, and even NAME the frequencies so you can see at a glance who is pkus.

Harmonic suppression There is some variation between units. Probably this might work, otherwise bakfeng have to change the connector. The results can differ somewhat exemplary.

If the incorrect band is chosen for the frequency entered in Step 5, the radio will cancel the operation. These units are verging on disposables.

Because of this chip solution, this radio can be produced very cheap. Kjell June 27, at 9: I bought a baofeng UV-5R and longer antenna for my use in the indiana guard reserve, this brand was suggested by several other guys in my brigade.

I think that RDA Microelectronics did a fantastic job, making a complete transceiver solution in one chip. Rick May 7, at

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