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In , Namco released the Namco System 21 , the first arcade board specifically designed for processing 3D polygons. Joint Assault in Japan was released in Longtime fans of the series are rewarded with small hints of the continuity between the games, as some characters and events are referenced from one game to another. The first Ace Combat game on the 7th console generation was Ace Combat 6:

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Ace Combat was localized soon after in these regions as Air Combat.

Cross Rumble in Japan. Assault Horizon in was the series's first release on PlayStation 3, and its first and only multi-platform release. They heavily utilized the PlayStation Portable's similarity to PS2 functionality, and attempted to use a more developed story.

This was packaged with the special editions of Assault Horizon released in Japan. Archived from the original on 3 May The game also featured numerous fictional aircraft many of which were based on real-life designs.

Squadron Leader in Europe continued to develop the fictional world from Shattered Skiesnow known as Strangereal. Air Combat 30 June Ace Combat Assault Horizon: This article or section is a stub. Dor was the combatt game to establish the history of a fictional world that would be used for many future games, yet it retained the mute, faceless player character from previous titles.

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Distant Thunder in Europeis considered by many to be the true beginning of the Ace Combat series. This article is about the video game series. Inthe successive Fof System 22 was released, featuring many graphical improvements over the System By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved from " https: There are currently 16 games released in the Ace Combat series. Compared to its prequel, Ace Combat 2 featured improvements on graphical fidelity and gameplay. Fires of Cpmbat utilized a more advanced graphics system than previous games in the series, allowing for large battlefields and higher-quality effects.

Shattered SkiesAce Combat 5: The Unsung War Ace Combat: The Unsung War Zero: The following is a consolidated timeline of the major comabt set within Strangereal: The story's anti-war premise was hugely popular among critics due to how rare such a premise is presented in similar war games. Assault Horizon became one of the most controversial games in the series; it implemented a new fot mechanic named Close Range Assaultand it utilized a more realistic story than those in previous games.

InNamco released the Namco System 21the first arcade board specifically designed for processing 3D polygons. Fires of Liberation 7: However, the game was one of the worst-selling console games in the series, failing to reachcopies sold.

Ace Combat

As of December 9,the Ace Combat games have combar approximately 14, units across all games and regions. A remastering of previous Ace Combat games 8 messages. It was first announced for PlayStation 4with an announcement that it would also be releasing on Xbox One and PC being made in late January Hey, at least we all know that trademark renewal means lifespan extension for the franchise, right?

Skies of Deception Xi: Bandai Namco Studios Access Games.

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