Buzzer sound effect

I mean it's still there Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Right now it's just so dull. But that ult is definitely pretty lazy.

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Wrong Answer Sound Effect

But the 10 is just ubzzer boring, black pool at least had some other potential uses, even if it was generally underwhelming when used as such. It still plays when he picks up black pool at 20, which takes some getting used to.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The very least they should have done is make it an option to empower his other abilities too. Does it make a new sound at all? I've got the wrong opinion of actually liking some bits of the rework, like the laser, baseline Q quest, making D actually cast on the minimap, giving invasion some potential beyond bombing forts, etc.

I mean it's still there But under an optional level 20 talent. It was always convenient for me facing an azmo to hear a loud buzzer and know to be ready sounv dodge. But that ult is definitely pretty lazy. HeroesShare Twitch Ext 1.

As azmodunk was the only reason I touched azmo. Maybe they shouldn't have gone out of their way to make all these pusher summoners and proudly proclaim that their moba has rffect specialist class.

G esports Team Liquid.

Hell a nerfed version of the 20 would be good, I do like what the 20 is, the 10 is just a worse ult than it was, ultimately. The way the 10 is now it should just be a baseline buff to every third Q.

Then at 20 the armor and damage. I always thought it put me at more of a disadvantage because of its volume, but I still always used Azmodunk. It needs a quest to either increase range or lower cooldown or empower black pool even more. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I really liked that sound effect when playing Azmodunk and would request that Blizzard put the sound effect on Tide of Sin.

Except you've now gated a special sound effect for the skin behind a level 20 talent, when there is no guarantee players will want that talent. Want to add to the discussion?

Right now it's just so dull. It's a neat callback to keep it on Black Pool, and it kinda fits the idea of a buzzer beater shot just as well as before. The enemy would often panic when they hear that sound, and by not casting your Q efffect, you basically by yourself and the rest of the team seconds of free poke against the enemy while the enemy is busy trying to run in back and forth in a complex pattern, wondering if you're ever going to throw your dunk.

I NEED my comical, rather then demonic, ult back! Definitely not the same. I'm trained to hear the buzzer noise and expect a dunk, now it's played after a dunk lands and leaves a damaging black pool.

Basketball Game Buzzer by kuksaudio | AudioJungle

Both which people efffct don't take. So you could have the option to activate it and use it to empower your E or W. At least at level 10, you were much more likely to hear it. Takeray10 Playing TL Solo. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I purposefully don't use that skin because that buzzer sound is easier to hear, sounds like a buff to me.

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