Da truth you made

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Quem pode ouvir Todos Somente eu. Send us their name. You made it all. Mais ouvidas de Da T.

This is for you. Was it through a natural selection? You left gifts for the whole crew And you overloaded us with power that we might stand Yeah that was your precise plan; Made us shine bright, like lights on a nightstand And for the rest of our life-span You'll restore us back to the image of Christ, yeah!

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Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair. And the world that Uou made Fell, apart, all the people cried out: My profile Send lyrics Messages Edit Log-out. Remove playlist Cancel Save. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Then You sent the Redeemer To come along, and restore what was lost You made.

This is for you

I Made It feat. Verse 1 He's clean we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen you don't want him to flee the scene you need him to intervene in your life therefore, come cling to the King and cling to those things that He loves bring flames to the things that He hates be sure not to worship things that He shapes for the things that He makes or the things that He'll shake, yes Things that He makes are the things He creates If you exchange Him for those things you're suppressing the truth which simply means that you know He exists and in Him all things consist and that He's powerful but you ignore Him you don't want to be accountable and responsible for doing that which is considered sin which are simply those things that are inconstistent with Him His antithesis that makes you truh Him not consider the plot consider your lot and ask yourself if you're a citizen in xa city of God Let's Go.

You Made DA T. You Made Da T.

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Verse 2 He's clean, we're unclean, we're seen He's unseen you don't want Him to flee the scene cause homey this ain't a dream it's real life ain't what it seems but seems to appeal to our appetite so just for a single meal we sell our birthright now that's senseless like trading in your motocycle for a dirt bike I mean the earth's alright but turn on the search light you'll find it's not a new pair of Jordan's it's some hurt Nikes from birth right to the grave we liken our days to that of the nature of a night and a day you know it's here then it's gone this earth is temporary I hope that you adhere to what you hear in this song, yes draw near to His throne otherwise your God's the creator's creation and it's clear madde that's wrong you can be sincere but sincerely wrong I'm just trying to remind you, you need trruth be fearing the Lord let's go.

H You made it all.

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