Dream sleuth game

Check to see if the sheriff left his pipe in the room. Click on the note explaining how to use the cipher key and it will land on the desk. Click on the glass doors that are on the left side of the scene. Enjoy this match 3 game for free!

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Click on the middle drawer and pick up the fuse that is inside. When you click on each item on the scene it lights up in a particular color.

Dream Sleuth Walkthrough - Gamezebo

Some of the posts are gray and others are black. You'll be pleased to see and hear the characters and will be amazed by the awesome special effects. You want to click on the box that is stacked on top of the other and the box will fall to the ground. Click on the picture to eliminate one of the items from your list. Whistle, wine glass, bell, milk bottle, wine glass, lid, milk bottle, frying pan.

She needs to seek out and find witnesses to interview to help her solve this hard puzzle. Find all the red folders for Mr. Jungle gem jewels match 3 blasting strategy game. There is a folder on the cabinet that is below the TV. There are several drawers on the desk, you need to use the key to unlock the drawers.

The battery will land on the desk. Click on the organizer to end the level. Each time you click on one of them, they will go back in their matching slots.

Place the scissors on the tinfoil and it will cut the foil in 3 pieces. The organizer will land on the desk. Distract the security guard. Click on the microphone base with the metal piece that us laying next to the black and white paper piece on the desk. The camera will take a picture of the door which will appear in the middle of the scene. The story line is, well, stupid. Wednesday Evening Chapter Adventure Shooting Match 3 Car Arcade.

The inception of this detective story comes at twilight. Grab the stick and place it on the hole in the ground that is in front of the tree on the right.

Click on the bottle that is on the left side of the glove compartment to push it aside. The story is about a girl who visits her grandma who used to be a top notched investigator, but now is a bit absent minded. Find all the differences in the scene.

Grab the key from inventory and place it on the keyhole of the briefcase. Place the half of the compass that you can pick up on the blue plastic piece.

Click on the inside of the drawer and you will be taken to a closer view of the drawer. Nevosoft Inc See more.

Dream Sleuth

Rated 1 out of 5 by pennmom36 from Dream Slueth I couldn't even make it through the demo, it's that bad. The incorrect ones will go back where they came from. Figure out a sequence of four keys. Grab the black and blue pump that is inside of the toolbox.

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