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This time around, the evil Rigelatins set out to enslave planet Earth and all the human race. Duke must escape his alien prison cell, then battle to end the hideous plans of the Rigelatins. Duke blasts his way through your screen with enough firepower to wake your neighbors.

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Duke Nukem 2 alternate spelling Developer: Please note that the following cheat codes will only work in the registered version of this game:.

Ful, managing to come back to the surface in a mountain range, Duke assists to the taking off of the Rigelatin battleship, heading to Earth. Retrieved from " http: The game is currently sold on GoG.

The GoG version includes a bonus MP3 soundtrack of the game. Duke has two choices: Get a random weapon and all items needed to complete the current level. ProtonDuke is advertising his last book, Why I'm So Greatwhen he is suddenly abducted during a talk show by the evil Rigelatinsan alien race willing to conquer Earth and enslave the human race.

For details on how to install a game in DOSBox, please check this tutorial. Duke Nukem is on foot throughout most of the game, but some levels have him inside a vehicle. He can be turned into a zombie by the EncephaloSucker, or 'kick-butt' like there's no nukfm The game is very similar to the original, with improved graphics, sloped surfaces and the notable ability to fire upwards and downwards.

Duke Nukem II

Our hero is ready for action. An incredibly sophisticated game engine gives this high-action game the power needed to 'nuke' your computer! The player's goal is to proceed through the levels, taking advantage of the weapons, health items, and power-ups. Levels are once again centered around finding keys to open doors or disabling lasers, though the rock solid level design make these key hunts pretty fun.

During this attack they kidnap the eponymous hero, Duke Nukem while he is on a talk show advertising his new book: As Duke, you can take quite a lot of punishment udke going down, and you can always find health-boosting power-ups along the way.

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These bad dudes can harm our hero in a multitude of ways, from the obvious they fupl at Duke to the truly bizarre they can swallow him, or latch on to his face. Game information Also known as: Sign In Don't have an account? Game video Download Adobe Flash Player. The game is split into four episodes, each consisting of 8 levels.

The Rigelatin emperor reveals nukek Duke that they plan to take his brains and use it to direct their conquest. This time around, the evil Rigelatins set out to enslave planet Earth and all fll human race. However, while waiting for being decerebrated, Duke manages to escape using his secret explodo-molar to destroy the bars of his cell, and finds a gun directly outside.

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Posted in ArcadePlatformer. All of these places are crawling with aliens and their creations. Duke Nukem II is everything you'd want from an action game.

This game includes violence. Unkem a puny jail cell is no match for our buzzcut hero, and, managing to escape, Duke must blast, jump, swim and teleport his way through four episodes of intense platforming action. Recent Articles Strategic Command: Overall-Duke Nukem 2 is a very worthy successor to the first game.

The original Duke Nukemreleased Junesoared to the top of the Shareware Top 10 list, where's it's been camped for 22 straight months--no other shareware program of any type has been this enduring and popular.

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