Desperate housewives theme

However, this is the last conventional image of women as the last contrasts with the traditional woman stereotype and presents a more modern depiction of women. However, it has been showcased a few times, one of the most notable being when the women, particularly Lynette, feel jealous of Bree's newfound success with her catering business and cookbook authorship. One of the most iconic aspects of Desperate Housewives is the strong bond shared between the series' four main ladies, Bree , Gabrielle , Lynette and Susan. Preparing food being one the conventional tasks for women to carry out alongside cleaning and for sexual purposes which all of the other images depicted. And In addition to this, the four main ladies' ties were all torn asunder in the final season , due to the big secret they shared the murder cover-up and Bree's incapability to hold everything together in the times that followed.

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She felt ignored by her husbandwho would constantly be away on business.

Every main character of the series has, at some point, kept secrets. Edie and Bree fighting. Despite the occasional fights and feuds, this quartet manages to somehow overcome every obstacle to their ties and remain housewlves best of friends for the majority of the whole series.

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Notify houusewives of new comments via email. As the album title implies, much of the music on the album was inspired by the series but was not in it. In addition to this, the characters are often faced with moral implications serving as consequences for their actions, most of which could be deemed 'sinful' when in accordance to those characters' particular religious beliefs.

On the opening sequel of Desperate Housewives the husband is made to throw a banana — a fallac symbol on the floor of their home and the wife immediately uousewives it up after him, despite being pregnant: Examples of this would certainly be the constant discussions between the leading housewives—who, despite their strong friendships, constantly have their liaisons hit the rocks.

Nevertheless, they never share every secret about their lives, and these tend to come out sooner or later and eventually cause more strain on the relationships. In the final seasonthe four protagonists of the series finally found themselves as the mystery stars for a change, all being involved in a dramatic storyline that found them burdened by a horrible murder cover-up and a continuous blackmail.

Sometimes, these ironic statements can even be mixed with metaphors e. Andrew's personal issues with his mother, which led him to act out in order to bring her to her knees; Katherine's nervous breakdown causing her to try and destroy Mike and Susan's relationship; and Felicia Tilman avenging her sister's death by framing Paul YoungMartha's murderer, for her own fake death.

I enjoyed looking into the sequence but felt it was difficult to apply all of the elements. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Edie's blackmail of Bree, for example, led to the four titular ladies ganging up on her and shutting her out.

Their families also often intertwine. This site uses cookies.

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The Solises are depicted as the greediest and most gluttonous family on Wisteria Lane, as they, particularly the tueme, Gabriellestrive for having the best things money can afford. Two other deceased characters Rex Van de Kamp and Edie Britt have also temporarily taken over the role of narrators.

Death is a major part of the series, as a total of despperate 40 characters have been killed off on the show, and more than 50 deceased characters have been featured.

For example, Edie 'brainwashed' an amnesic Mike Delfino into thinking his girlfriend, Susanwas a manipulative, lying bitch, all because Susan was somewhat responsible for Karl having left Edie.

The sequel continues to depict the different roles society forced upon women through time. Bree deserate, EdieReneeare portrayed as always being wealthy, having several possessions, and never being in financial worries. It's one of the most recognizable and iconic aspects of the show, the idea that everyone has secrets, even if they put on an earnest appearance.

Susan has feuded with Edie despeerate their attraction to both Mike and Karlwith Ddsperate over Orson 's mysterious ways, with Gabrielle over their children's school-related activities, with Katherine over her obsession with Mike, housdwives Angie over the strangling of Juliewith Renee over her attraction for Tomand with Lynette over the naming of their shared granddaughter.

Betrayal is one of the major sources of conflict on Desperate Housewiveshaving played an intregal part in most of the series' relationships and ongoing stories with friends and family members.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. It was released alongside the series in by Hollywood Records and distributed by Universal Music.

The many family dramas that occur behind closed doors, that range from adulteries to demises, passing through rebellious children, precarious financial situations, illnesses and fights, among many other factors, provide the vast majority of the intrigue of this serial dezperate, as we're provided insight on the core of their family ties, of their relationships, and of their struggles to live as members of shared homes.

When more important characters die, the remaining living characters often find themselves dealing with the psychological and real-world repercussions of said demises, and certain episodes have even revolved around dead characters, such as, for example, the th episodecentered on the death of local handyman Eli Scruggs special guest star Beau Bridgesor " Women and Death ", dedicated to the memory of Mike Delfinoamong others.

The girlfriends play a game of poker. Vengeance is often followed by karmic retribution, hteme the characters who engage in vendettas getting their comeuppance. The upbeat, magestic rhythm of the non-diegetic music creates a comical, light humoured atmosphere to the credit sequence which works in sync with the animation added to the famous art work used.

Once the mystery was solved, however, the focus shifted to how the ladies, particularly Breewould get themselves out of trouble with the police.

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