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What Resolution is My Screen Running? The best theme in the world for shitndows is here: I was searching 4 sumthng new Available in 14 different colors!

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Anonymous May 13, at 3: Anonymous August 27, at 8: There are other folders but I think thsmes not as cool as the one mentioned. Anonymous July 25, at 1: However, this article just solved my issue. Btw if you want Aero Lite theme, you can activate it using following tutorial: How to secretly copy steal files from a computer to a USB Flash drive.

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Kaushik July 3, at 2: Fonts — Calibri 8, Lucida Grande 7 and Arial 8 are also included. I only installed the RainbarEn.

Com February 19, at 3: For best result I recommend downloading Windows 7 Complete Package as it have pretty much everything you would want in a theme, but it doesn't provide "exactly everything" but it's the best one available in my honest opinion.

This theme is a combination of blue and green colors. When you try your new theme after placing cooo in your Windows fileset, and it doesn't work, then the dll file was incorrectly configured by the designer.

Download Official Royale Blue, Royale Noir, Zune and Embedded Themes for Windows XP

Anonymous February 12, at 5: Anonymous March 3, at 9: Sometimes, the downloaded pack contains additional utilites like Styler and Rocketdock etc to bring other changes to Windows.

I'm scared to test. Wood Visual Styles - Transforms everything to wood!

You need to apply a UXTheme patch: Download Concave VS 2. Learn how to install theme here.

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Download and install Uxtheme patcher. Anonymous July 24, at 9: Select the appropriate file to be display as theme and hit apply and there you have it. July 3, at 4: August 6, at It feels pretty and beautiful, i only hoped the "Royale" or "Energy Blue" or "Media Center" Theme just worked that much well as the Zune.

Feel free to play around and install other features but keep in mind it will waste memory space and eat up RAM so install only the one that you truly like. Tyler February 25, at 5: Anonymous January 4, at 3: Anonymous March 27, at 4: Anonymous September 11, at 6: I just absolutely love it would appreciate it if anyone knew where I could find it. Download the theme pack and copy the folder containing.

I am using Windows XP since long time but i felt still need to learn lot:

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