Fedex commercial invoice form

This site is protected by copyright and trademark laws under U. What is a Harmonized Code, and is it required? To make changes, click Show at the right of the section header. It depends on the service used:

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Required for all shipments to Canada. Customs and Border Protection does not require the same information on a fofm forma invoice. Go to the international services section of fedex. There are two steps required to create an international shipment.

FedEx Commercial Invoice Template

Did this answer your question? Even if the item is a sample, gift or return, it still has a value of at least the production costs.

Use a proforma invoice instead of a commercial invoice if the goods that you are shipping are not for sale. Customs officials use this as the main document for control, valuation and duty determination of the contents. Enter the sum of this column plus any freight or insurance costs where it says total.

One further tip, list the value of the goods in the currency you specify on the invoice. Select the type for the Package Contents to specify if it is a document only shipment or commodity shipment.

Commercial Invoice - FedEx Style

They let customs commeecial identify the owner of the shipment at every moment in its journey. Parts computer, machine Photographs Clothing. However, a commercial invoice must disclose certain required information, including a description and quantity of each item being shipped, the value of the shipment in both U.

Step 6 — Include the total number of packages at the left, and then sign the document at the bottom to certify it. Corm 1 — Download in Microsoft Excel.

Probably, but it depends on the shipment. In this section, you will specify the commodity information and international documentation details if any.

Three copies for U. Export details may also be optionally defined in this section, such as the Export Compliance Statement.

Create Commercial Invoice | TNT Ghana

This template is provided for customer guidance purposes. Depending fesex the related preference defaults, Send Email Notification to Shipper and Send Email Notification to Recipient will be checked or unchecked.

The shipment special services object within the final shipment record will store all of the data for the various FedEx special services chosen for that shipment. Do you need a Commercial Invoice?

If you have a sales contract, it will specify Incoterms. What is it made of? Get it right for speedy transit The key to smooth customs handling is commercal complete and correct commercial invoice. If you need to manually adjust it, you can do so by unchecking the Auto Calculate Total Customs Value checkbox.

The Commercial Invoice fully identifies the shipment and serves as the basis in preparing all other documents covering the shipment. For more information, visit the Canada Border Services Agency website. Go to the FedEx International Commodity Data tab, and ensure that your commodity for the international shipment has a record created.

Download this if you want this design to be set as the default template by the installer program.

A Simple Guide to Commercial Invoices

This allows recipients and couriers to verify that the shipment is correct and keep accurate records. For example, rather than write "sample" or "wood screw," describe the item as "wood screw sample.

Commercial Invoice for shipment.

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