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Sometimes all you really want to do to release frustration with the real world is bash the hell out of someone in a video game. And Dead Trigger 2 does it right, and looks good doing it too. Evoland 2 will have you laughing as it constantly breaks the fourth wall and there are more gaming and pop culture references than you can shake a stick at. This is a massive PvP battle royale game that pits players against each other on a massive island loaded with weapons, ammo, tactical gear, and vehicles. Thus, the online competitive aspect may be skewed a bit.

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It comes pack with better than andgoid graphics and controls. What we have here are the best free Android games that you should be able to play comfortably without engaging in too many in-app purchases and we hope you enjoy them!

Similarly, you'll lose trophies when you lose. Monument Valley returns to the list with the release of Monument Valley 2.

It's built on the developer's own engine and plays like a dream, honestly. I don't think I've ever seen a real-time strategy game as pared down as rymdkapsel.

15 best free Android games of 2018!

The graphics are good and there are social elements as well. Players collect gear, weapons, and vehicles on the island and battle it out. It features tons of elements from the original games, including actual town and dungeon explorations, hidden treasures, secret dungeons, and tons of lore.

If you're prepared to lose a lot and once you fully grok how it works it's utterly engrossing. On its face, it looks simplistic, but The Escapists is a fun and challenging time-waster that's great for anyone who likes solving puzzles. The updates add limited time events, new Pokemon, and new mechanics. Arena Duel is the multiplayer aspect of the game that will keep you busy beyond the single-player campaign.

What's particularly great about this simple dual-stick survival shooter is that a game rarely lasts more than 10 minutes. The Asphalt franchise has some of mobile's most popular racing games.

Capybara Games See More. Check out Vainglory if you're big into PvP multiplayer battle arena games. Mushroom 11 This side-scrolling platformer is unlike any other.

15 best free Android games of ! - Android Authority

They're a few years old now, but they're still about as good as the genre gets. Most of these games are infinite runners where you must continue moving forward or you lose.

Not one for the simulation crowd, then, but this racer is perfect for everyone else.

Everything in Death Road to Canada is randomly generated, making every play-through a unique experience in this dynamic road trip action-RPG. The player controls one of two mechs with a variety of abilities for long- and close-range combat against a variety of alien and cybernetic enemies. You guide Max around the scenes, interact with objects and characters and make decisions that advance the story. First person shooters have been a popular genre in the video game world ever since the days of Doom, and yes you can play Doom on Android.

Give it a try: It's based on a real-world simulation, too. These suggestions should have you covered, whether you like physics-based puzzlers or more exploratory games. ARK Survival Evolved This one is quite a bit more involved than some of the other games here, but it's a great survival game that challenges you to start with nothing, then slowly uncover the secrets of a land inhabited by dinosaurs.

The Shadowgun series are sci-fi shooters with both campaigns and multiplayer modes. Onirim Asmodee Digital is building a solid little stable of board and card games ported to mobile. If you want free Android games with no in-app purchases, we have that linked just below. Kingdom Rush Series The tower defense market on mobile, one could argue, is fairly glutted.

New circuits are present, as are new online features like the 7-player multiplayer. You can play alone against the AI or against your friends.

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