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By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation. When users receive a survey link, they can directly click the link or open the link in a web browser, and then log in to Service Manager to complete the survey. You can specify that the search results contain a specific phrase.

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In the out-of-box system, Service Manager surveys are designed to achieve the following goals: Search - direct access to Faceted Search Chat - direct access to Chat with a service representative Forums - direct access to the product Community area Service Requests - direct access to view your list of active Service Requests Patches - direct access to Faceted Search with preselected Patches document type and product defaults from My Products Manuals - direct access to Faceted Search with preselected Manuals document type and product defaults from My Products Dashboards - direct access to the portlet Dashboards screen Submit Requests - direct access to create a new service request.

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As such, we recommend that you continue to use Crystal Reports or other third party tools for calculation-intensive reporting. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia.

The default name is Service Manager. Leave this entry blank if you do not use an SSL connection. For more information about how to configure the shortcut.

Or manage the path to your customized images: The Condition Editor widget is completely redesigned with an easy-to-use graphical interface that includes the following new features:.

You can now use Task Planner to configure input and output fields in tasks and to set the recommended maximum number of concurrent tasks.

Accessibility improvements In addition hpp the default accessibility functions of the web client, this release also includes accessibility support for the following components: When users receive a survey link, they can directly click the link or open the link in a web browser, and then log in to Service Manager to complete the survey. These functionalities enable the setup of the following Case Exchange integrations.

HP Software Support Downloads. Sure, i am just not able to find a link to download the software.

Solved: How to download HP SM software? - Micro Focus Community

Additionally, the execution order of rule sets and format control is updated so that rule sets are always executed before format control. Smart Ticket With Smart Ticket, you can quickly submit a Service Desk record by just entering a description or attaching a picture. The screen prompts will vary based on the Request Type selection. The Request Fulfillment application in Service Manager Codeless enables business staff to improve their productivity and the quality of business services and products.

Previous versions of Service Manager allowed you to escalate an interaction multiple times. Note In the table above, xxxx represents the build number of the corresponding package.

For more information, see Service Manager Survey.

This parameter defines the time threshold in milliseconds for queries against the database when a report is generated. The Specify Service Manager Directory page opens.

For example, if you want to apply the same complex condition gp an automatic transition in two different workflows, you can create the condition by using Condition Editor in one workflow, copy it, open Condition Servkce in the second workflow, and then paste the condition. For more information, see Using Quick Jump in record detail.

Similary, do we have anything from where I can download 9. The image must be in the Windows bitmap. To open the configured email client serrvice this computer, open an email window.

I know the latest version is SM 9. For example, you can use this rule to change the workflow phase of related records under specific conditions. Topics that contain the word "cat".

HP Service Manager software

The first option, Dashboardsgives access to a consolidated set of portlets. Incidents can now link directly to known errors. Enable the cache Enable database replication Enable indexing for the table query Disable the report After servicd upgrade to Service Manager 9.

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