Alesis blue jay

Yamaha - Sound Network Division. To remove a site from the Compatibility View list With your Internet Explorer browser open, tap or click the Tools button. I am having a hard time understanding why this can not be handled through InMusic sales, or over the phone. Is it a licensing issue??

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Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd. For me no more "blue jay"! Blue Jay is not worth the trouble. Development announcements will not be made here as they will always be on the website and on its appropriate product page. Universal Champion Electroacoustic Technology.

BlueJay drums on Alesis DM10 Module

Toner Cable Equipment, Inc. Phil Wells December 20, Lightking Optoelectronics Tech Group. Sounds like we need to find out who owns the Blu Jay rights and see if we can go that route. Yes but the bluejay page link given earlier results in a Error.

Pro Co Sound, Inc. Yes or No would be great. There is no information on the website, very disappointed Alesis. I just bought my DM10 X mesh kit thinking this would be available.

Hi I'm just wondering whether it is still possible to get the blue jay sound set alesjs my dm10 because can't seem to so it or find a program to back up my original setting like the instructions say can anyone help? Then i send a couple of emails to the alesis customer service and i calld a few times, no reaction or strait answer for buying the sounds. Click an icon to be redirected to the download page.

Littlite - CAE, Inc.

I tried the bllue things as you mike. Related Audio Production Products: Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc. I notice there are a ton of files available here to load, hopefully I can find something that I can load on mine until they can or will get it resolved. Once we have an official answer then I think everyone will be happy. Kunshan Hongie Electronics Co.

I didn't see any announcements on the Blue Jay replacement. APC blje Schneider Electric. I think we should all just start flooding all the different message boards, and more importantly all the vendors product reviews with this issue. CD digital GmbH Goodview.

Blue Jay soundset, no more options to buy, on alesis website

Turning Leaf Furniture Specialists. January 12, The link from Sonivox is dead. My purchase was Superior drummer with a couple expansion packs, also bux. Interactive Voting System bv. Electronic Theatre Controls Inc. But then again - the Blue Jay sound library has several weaknesses - if you want different sounds I'd rather consider using a VST on a computer.

I hope this is possible Trumedia zlesis DS Digital Screens.

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