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Copy all the needed files in the root directory instead. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter. Oct 21, Posted by server1 Replies of This topic: Installing android on htc touch 2 [duplicate].

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Hi Neo, No problem mate. It would be best for you to keep your eyes on that project, that seems like the best chance of you being able to run android on your phone. Previous Post Missed Windows 3. I remember I have this problem before, changing the zimage to some stable build solves the problem. Htv, Check the link at the beginning of the post.

HTC Touch HD2 to be an Android set?

If androjd prefer a stable environment for your phone, I would suggest you to stick with WinMo 6. And I installed dual boot software in phone storage not in 4gb internal storagewas it right to installed androif in phone storage? Motorola Moto G6, Nokia 6.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that all the information shown, such as prices, specs, images, etc. The whole thing is meant to be extracted to your root directory of your internal storage, it will not run in a folder since the path to run the haret and everything is preset.

Hi ghost, Have 2 questions here: Have 2 questions here: Discuss Andgoid Story Tags Android 2. I suggest you to look into this forum:.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. I suppose the files for the android only need to copy to the 4GB internal storage, instead of the tohch storage, certainly the root storage will not be enough for the powerful OS.

Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. Make sure you read through the entire thread to know everything about it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Inside there are several folders, esepcially Games, Media and Other which contained several apps and hfc that you can run within the Android.

Just one more question: I know this will be weird… but i am a little scared on running this android on my device. Hi, If the phone is your primary device, I would advice you not to run Android on it as it is not designed for daily use on Diamond. If you are considering making a purchase, please refer to the merchant's page to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

Android Flashing Tool for the HTC Touch HD

And if it possible can you guys help me with a tutorial androi something like this? It might be somewhat limited, but for a four-and-a-half year old device; this continuing development is a testament to the versatility of not only the older HTC devices, but also the loyalty of those who buy them.

I want to update my HTC Touch mobile 2. See other Topics Write a new Topic. In order to gtc this website and its services, users must consent to and abide by the Terms of Use. Anyway, as I mentioned many times, it is NOT meant for daily use.

How to run Android in HTC Touch Diamond?

Hi Andrea, I am not sure since I am not using an Android phone now, but there should be some gesture to activate the call function I guess? If you really want to use an Android device, I would suggest you to get one. Anndroid Android is open source and it is a touhc operating system, it is not surprising that some group of experts are working on the porting of Android in Windows Mobile devices.

I know this is a stupid question but I had a doubt. If possible i want to upgrade its OS from windows to Android, with all application to work on it Thanks Lily. Mura sana sa ibang seller. Next Post How to read online article without annoying ads?

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