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Radar cross section calculator Skin depth calculator. It doesn't even require a license! This means that days are spent manually optimizing a basic antenna structure in an attempt to get the general performance within specification.

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Fill in the required fields in the contact form on the right and click "Send Us Your Request". This helps engineers find and select antennas according to given requirements as well as compare relevant information between antennas.

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Antenna Magus Pro 5.5.0, full functions

Scan angle and beamwidth. It not only highlights the unique characteristics of an antenna, but also gives other general information. Broadside directivity or beamwidth. Antenna Magus Classroom is a special version limited to a few useful and practical antennas that was created for teaching about antennas in a classroom environment.

Array Synthesis Tool Design Examples Linear arrays Broadside ajtenna default taper Broadside directivity and scan angle Broadside directivity and excitation taper Broadside directivity, scan angle and taper Endfire directivity or beamwidth Endfire directivity and excitation taper Broadside null with directivity and taper Specify the layout directly.

Based on selection File size: In ,agus of the importance of university research and the antennq of groundbreaking publications on the reputation of both author and tool used for the research, CST announces the endowment of a University Publication Award.

A collection of common designation standardized waveguides. These cookies enable us and third parties to serve ads that are relevant to your interests.

In many cases it is only after the attempt to adapt and optimize an existing antenna element has failed to meet the new specifications that the engineer will start to consider other elements.

This means that days are spent manually optimizing a basic ful, structure in an attempt to get the general performance within specification.

Endfire directivity or beamwidth. CST hosts workshops in multiple languages and in countries around the world. Broadside directivity, scan angle and taper.

Broadside directivity or beamwidth Broadside directivity and excitation Broadside null with specific directivity Specify the layout directly. Radar magis equation tool.

Antenna Magus - Antenna Design. Simplified.

Create Your Own Account. Antenna Magus Classroom Download latest full installation: Easy-to-use matching circuit optimization and antenna analysis software Optenni Lab is a professional software tool with innovative analysis features to increase the productivity of engineers requiring matching circuits. Classroom licenses are free for institutions anfenna courses in or relating to antennas i. Click Here To Download: CEM or electromagnetics and can be obtained from a local sales representative.

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When upgrading an existing Antenna Magus installation over major versions e. While creating Antenna Magus, it was necessary to create a database to manage all the information in a consistent manner. The content management approach atnenna been specifically constructed for capturing and working with antenna information and refined over the years through extensive use.

Cut-off frequencies, as well as usage frequency ranges are indicated in the library.

ANTENNA MAGUS - Download | The leading Antenna Design Software tool. | Antenna Design. Simplified

Models can also be combined to rapidly realize new topologies. Friis transmission equation calculator. Import the distribution matrix directly. Antenna Magus is a new software tool to help engineers accelerate the antenna design and modelling process.

Used to store various design specifications in a structured format. Moreover, FEST3D advanced synthesis tools allow designing bandpass, dual-mode and lowpass filters from user specifications.

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