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Dragon by alexprov Maybe even push vertices up if their relative neighbor distances decrease, and vice versa for squash and stretch, could help with facial shapekeys. Stanford Dragon by ular3d 18 0. Also, could the crazy space problem be solved per-vertex please? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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Skip to content I entered the modeling phase now. Hoping that the baby dragon is animated more real than cartoon. It already looks so detailed and alive, how much more with textures!!! The dragon model is finished — for now. Are the wings double-sided? Just a brief update on Dragon Baby Model: Next will be to model the rest of the body.

But this will be some time after finishing the short, so just have a bit of patience: Topology looks indeed much better, especially in the wing fingers — do not know if that is the terminology. Free 3D Models x. Awesome work so far.

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Jodel Dragon by gamingvenom 18 0. Here are some quick screen captures of my work in progress…. The final look will be photo-realistic right?? I am quite satisfied so far, as I managed to match my design quite well and it looks fine as 3d model too. Dragon Hook by Arthomis 0.

3d Dragon (Free Download) - 3D model by 3DHaupt (@dennish) - Sketchfab

Dragon by Jason Shoumar 1. Stanford Dragon by ular3d 18 0.

This is just the basic shape with all the details I want to have in without sculpting. The level of detail is certainly lower there, so I am curious how I will cope with it. Later on sculpting and most importantly texturing will add even more details.

Alduin Dragon by Dragob Shoumar Because I need a tutorial to learn modeling dragon using blender. Let Durian prove we can do more. Webinar - Clumsy Dragon by Ben Houston 28 0.

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Thanks a lot for sharing your work Angela. Maybe even push vertices up if their relative neighbor distances decrease, and vice versa for squash and stretch, could help with facial shapekeys.

It will ease all the following tasks. Orange Dragon by Fauxplace 41 2.

This entry was posted on Monday, January 11th, at 9: Yes, Durian should work on volumetric sculpting, perhaps simply adding edges between nearby vertices and propagating deformation through the blnder. As with all my bigger projects, I plan to provide some material, if not all, for download here from my site.

I also crudely tested the jaw movement as this will of course animated too.

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Alduin Dragon by nate 46 1.

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