Frank sinatra you make me feel so young

In , almost four decades after that original recording, Sinatra was back in Studio A at the Capitol Tower for one of the very last times, recording a new "Young" for his Duets project. When she wants to go and bounce the moon, "bounce" is a pretty sound, that's all. Can't argue with that - although you do wonder why the composer never wrote anything remotely like it ever again.

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It Happens Ev'ry Spring The world is young again We're children on an ups-a-daisy swing A carousel with horses freshly painted The oom-pa-pa that says let's get acquainted What is that cheer I heard?

Nobody bothers with that these ypung. Live Melbourne Australia ' And so by Myrow was out in Hollywood, his concert days far behind him, under contract to 20th Century Fox and writing for whatever property they tossed his way.

Frank Sinatra – You Make Me Feel So Young Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Do I seem to gurgle Like a baby with a cookie? New York, New York. Bojangles von Sammy Davis Jr. This was a plot the studio remade every couple fsel years under a new title. The Classic Years Vol 4.

And, in contrast to that extension, there's the compression of: Vegas von Frank Sinatra La Voz: Frank Sinatra Frank Sinatra, Vol. Bio Actus Photos Albums Paroles.

Hou make feel as though spring has sprung New Wonders Of Frank Sinatra. The third Myrow song Frank recorded is just lovely. Birth Of The Crooner.

Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Stream or buy on: And, by the way, isn't the notion of "bouncing the moon" an ingenious wrinkle on one of the oldest of Tin Pan Alley lyrical props? Let's Face The Music. Songs For Young Lovers. But who fran, the number that kicks off the whole shebang and embodies the spirit of the enterprise?

Refresh the page to see the result. Personally autographed copies of both books are exclusively available from the Steyn store.

Frank Sinatra - You Make Me Feel So Young Lyrics | MetroLyrics

The Lake Tahoe Concert. Various Artists Platinum Collection: He sang, beautifully, a charming ballad called "Somewhere In The Night". If you're a member of The Mark Steyn Club and you take issue with this article, then have at it in our comments section. Then go back and listen to Frank: A fellow stealing third Your neighbor's boy became a home-run king Your dad rolls up his sleeves to clean the attic Your sixteen-year-old sister goes dramatic The Album von Frank Sinatra Sinatra 80th: And by the second chorus he's an even happier in-di-vi-du-al: Uk - September - Frank Sinatra Gift Set.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Songs For Swingin' Lovers!

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