Dream day bella italia

The key to most solutions will be to use the same color for two of the group of four Roses on the center band see screenshot. The Buttoned Corset is red, next to the red curtains. Villa Garden There are 3 Bluebirds in this scene. As soon as you collect it, the storeroom door will close, trapping you inside.

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The new Key will be revealed. The Villa Attic There are 3 Bluebirds in this scene. Put the filling on the dah. The Box is a small wooden box hidden in the planter on the right.

The Tape is the yellow and black caution tape across the building at the far end of the street. Click on the steamer lever on the machine that is circled in cyan to steam the milk. Different players will have different items to find. Villa Courtyard There are 3 Bluebirds in the scene. Many items in this scene are tone on tone, so you will have to look carefully, particularly on the table and the bed.


Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia Walkthrough

Now there is water all over the floor 3 dashed orange spots. The directions to the Hotel are on a sheet of paper stuck to the wall in front of the conveyor belt.

We spread them out so you could see them all. The Cloud is a stain on the ceiling. The only Metal Lid that counts is the lid for a pan that is standing vertically on a shelf in the Kitchen. The Pashima is blue. Try the picture frames, the window sill, and on a beam on the ceiling.


If you then back up, he will save you from a snake, but you will have items added to your Find List bad outcome. Belka empty bottles can be any color.

You will see a young boy approach at some point during the scene. You vream see your choice in the wedding album at the end of the game.

It is usually inside a shoe box or under the ottoman. Combine the steamed milk with the coffee to make expresso. Some players will find a silver bowl inside the slatted crate that is through the arch.

Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia - Download Free Games for PC

Casual has no timer and all mini-games can be skipped. However, the Find List will be different and items may be in different places. Begin by collecting the items marked in yellow: The Mosaic is a band bells red tiles on the large clay pot by the window. Collect the Bow marked in yellow from the typewriter and put it on the shoe that is missing a bow.

Don't forget to find the little blue birds in drram hidden object game, A delightful game that I recommend to anyone who bflla enjoy the darker and sinister games that seem to be the norm these days Date published: The Crystals are just below the waistline on that same dress. Click on OK to end the call. Match rings based on the pattern on the band, the shape of the stone, and the size of the stone.

The one that counts for the Sparkling Water clue is inside the Refrigerator. We have marked ours in yellow—yours may be slightly different places. Shed There are deram Bluebirds in the scene. When you have collected everything on your Find List, a letter will be pushed under your door.

This can be very hard to see.

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