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He is one of the jaguars who has learned to take on this deadly prey, looking for an angle where he can, in one move, pin down the caiman and sink his teeth through the back of its skull. Planet Earth Diaries shows the difficulties of filming the one-second strike of a great white shark, filmed by Simon King. We had a traditional crew on site who worked very hard to film the fight behaviour and the mating of the snow leopards.

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The Futurellanet series of three minute films that highlight the conservation issues surrounding some of the featured species and environments.

Within the dense forest canopysunlight is prized, and the death of a tree triggers a race by saplings to fill the vacant space. The series was eventually sold to countries. The sounds of the jungle throughout the day are explored, from the early morning calls of siamangs and orangutans to the nocturnal cacophony of courting tree frogs. Some of their elaborate plznet displays are shown.

Planet Earth (TV Mini-Series ) - IMDb

Doctor Who 5 Full Episodes. Earth's Festival of Life.

Retrieved from " https: It spends pretty much all of its life warth the sand, and it only comes up to feed at night. They catch it, wrap around it and swallow it whole. The last sequence depicts the largest animal on Earth—the blue whaleof whichonce roamed the world's oceans. Cities Episode Producer I worked on Frozen Eath and Wild Arabia before this, but shooting in the city is much harder than anywhere else.

As they make their journey they are hunted by Galapagos racer snakes, that emerge from the rocks like a Medusa's head — all slithering and racing to capture the hatchling. The final sequence depicts African bush elephants that are forced to share a waterhole with a pride of thirty lions.

As humpback whales ewrth to breeding grounds in the tropics, a mother and its calf are followed. They feed on deer and animals in that forest, but planett also head out into the peripheries of the park at night and feed on domesticated animals like pigs and dogs.

The local cowboy told me to take my shoes off, because we wanted to be able to react as quickly as possible if we stepped on a crocodile.

Planet Earth

At the end of each fifty-minute episode, a ten-minute ezrth takes a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of filming the series. We spent six weeks on these rivers using specially developed stabilised camera rigs based on the Steadicam you see people using on the touchlines of football games. BBC Worldwide press release.

Each couple lays two eggs in nests made of small stones or even bones. Planet Earth received widespread critical acclaim. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Season 1 — Episode 7. On Marion Island in the Indian Oceana group of king penguins must cross a beach occupied by fur seals that do not hesitate to attack them.

In Harar in Ethiopia one night, we were surrounded by more than a hundred of them, fighting.

The palnet reefs of Indonesia are home to the biggest variety of ocean dwellers. In the Congoroaming forest elephants are shown reaching a clearing to feed on essential clay minerals within the mud. Jungles Episode 3 From the jungles of Brazil, home to caiman hunting jaguars and strange jungle dolphins that swim in the tree tops, to Costa Rica where ninja frogs fight huge wasps, we watch as the animals face life in the most competitive place on Earth.

The fresh water programme describes the course taken by rivers and some of the species that take advantage of such a habitat. While filming Frozen Planet, I worked with Antarctic yacht skipper, Jerome Poncet, who has over 40 years of experience visiting remote parts of Antarctica.

The latter episodes were supplemented by Planet Earth: Its journey begins as a stream in the mountains, illustrated by Venezuela 's Tepuiwhere there is a tropical downpour eatth every day. The extraordinary creatures that live here must survive the most hostile seasons on the planet.

Meanwhile, a strong school of dolphins head for the Azoreswhere eartn work together to feast on scad mackerel along with a flock of shearwaters.

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