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No contract period required. Its a system which has all advanced features and also very easy to use while few pos systems are difficult to use. Each entree can be assigned certain buttons that help the servers efficiently place orders with ease of access. The solution's architecture and programming is consistent across sites, so employees can operate the system if they have previously used it at a different site. I have used Aloha in Central America in 4 different locations.

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Cons Customer response is not up aloja expectations but generally all the features are great makes work easy no need for paper records. Integrated, fast credit card processing at every POS station, even when operating in redundancy mode. Built-in software redundancy ensures no POS system downtime or data loss. With all the customizing it's easy to make mistakes.

Ask your employees and friends in the industry. Aloha is a lifesaver! The staff finds it very easy to use as well.

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Aloha allows you to save orders in "pending" status -- in other words, you can ring in appetizers and drinks, send them, then ring in your main dishes and hold them until you're ready. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have aaloha add the italics to the site name.

It is easy to navigate and customize to your company's needs. November November It was clunky and hard to integrate with our business that was expanding. Pros Aloha is a lifesaver! Gifts Number of employees: If there is ever a power outage there is no built in backup battery or access to the open checks.

John from Treaty Specialty: There are too many steps involved. There is also a way to add and delete buttons so that should your menu change or need updating, there is a way to update within 24 hours.

How to Use Aloha POS

Tina from Rockin Baja Lobster Specialty: Cons I think the customer service sometimes lacks, in terms of getting through to the right person to help and then the problem never truly being resolved. Easy to train someone on. Worst system and support service is terrible.

Good customer service, quick reslove. To accept cash payment, enter the total amount the guest gives you, eemo tap cash and wait for Aloha to tell you the amount of change. Ahmad from Restaurant Specialty: Our multi-functional restaurant POS solutions give restaurant operators powerful feature and tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace of service.

Chris from Tipsy'z Specialty: If you've ever waited tables, you're surely acquainted with typical restaurant point-of-sale POS systems. Other specialty retailer Number of employees: Cloud based storage makes your records accessible anywhere anytime, easy to use, cheap for use in both small-scale and large-scale users, mobile software makes it great to access transactions from remote locations.

Aloha POS Software

Reports include total sales, server sales, product mix and labor costs, as well as wait dem speed of service, item sales and category sales. Start your review of Aloha POS.

A little pricey but worth paying. System did crash more than once. I can edit most things on my own, and the ease of changing things in the POS is fairly simple.

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