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Apple made a range of AirPort devices, known as Base Stations now discontinued. On iOS devices, the details screen shows a numbered badge next to Version when an update is available. If you have frequent visitors and don't fancy the idea of giving them your AirPort password, you can create a Guest Network for them to connect you. These were essentially Wi-Fi routers: You'll be prompted to fix things, if needed, during set up.

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After all, these days most internet providers will give you a modem that does everything you need, why would you want to buy an extra product from Apple. AirPort Express still lacks the newer Read our AirPort Time Capsule review here. There were a number of AirPort gadgets you could buy from Apple, they may still be available for some time, Apple has said it will continue selling them "until stocks run out":. All of these questions are still valid for as long as you can still buy an AirPort router, so althought we wrote this feature prior to Utilitt discontinuing the AirPort, we have updated it and will still address these questions below.

If you've had an AirPort Extreme for a while, and recently within the past year or two had it go missing from your network when you open AirPort Utility you get 'Device Not Found' airrport, there's a good chance you ran into the same issue I did. Enter a new Network Name.

Download AirPort Utility for Windows

If you have more than one AirPort Express connected to speakers, you can play your music from iTunes on all of your speakers at the same time. Repeat these steps for any other base stations you're using. Main menu Blog Projects About. Hit update, router re-started and instantly the Airport Utility could recognize the router right from the user interface.

For the lowdown on the different routers you can buy for your Mac read: It offers the same functionality of the AirPort Extreme, but, in addition, makes it easy to back up a Mac using Apple's Time Machine software.

Like the Express you can use the Extreme to make your printer wireless, and also to share a hard drive, essentially turning any hard drive into a network attached storage device or NAS. Use AirPort Utility 6.

How to set up your AirPort Base Station and Guest Network on Mac | iMore

Skip to main content. Any questions setting up your AirPort Base Station? In general we see the AirPort Extreme as the device to connect to your home network if you want to boost your wireless network; and the AirPort Express is useful for extending a wireless network or adding AirPrint to a printer; or AirPlay to your stereo system. In this case attaching an Extrrme Extreme router to the network enables you to set up a wireless network. This news didn't etxreme as a big surprise, back in Novembera Bloomberg report claimed that: Read more about adding wireless printing to a network printer here.

Enter your preferred Password. This worked for me -- thank you so much for posting it. And then entering the router's IP address and password. This gives your friends, family, and associates a working Wi-Fi connection but also gives you some security.

One unique feature is AirPlay audio support: The AirPort should appear and be manageable by clicking on it iarport a brief period—quickly click on it, click Edit, then clear out any Apple IDs in the 'Back to My Mac' section. Back when we tested it, the Extreme recorded one of the fastest peak It also only has two Ethernet connections on the rear and they are base-T rather than the new Gigabit Ethernet.

Read our AirPort Extreme review alrport.

If your base station is performing a Time Machine backup or sharing a hard drive on your network, make sure that none of your devices are currently using that drive. The AirPort Alrport can also be connected to a printer and this enables you to use AirPrint with any printer so you can print from an iOS device.

If you attach an AirPort Express to your current network your router gets Apple-like capability. Mak — 3 months ago.

AirPort Utility 5.4.2 for Windows

Launch AirPort Utility on your Mac. Others were puzzled by the difference between the AirPort Express and Extreme, and whether any of the Apple prodicts were tangibly better than the router supplied by your ISP. airporh

To download and install firmware, use AirPort Utility.

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