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This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Other than that, though, the game looks fairly average. So although The Dark Knight Rises is a decent game overall, a price drop is something we would recommend. The Dark Knight Rises is not a bad game per se.

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The city has a large number of items hidden for you to explore and find out. The application is designed for kniyht the users of android smart phones. You have to meet all your allies and get them back in line in order to save the city of Gotham from the unstoppable harms and dangers of Bane. The vehicle segments feel equally unnatural. Tread carefully if you want to go into the film fresh.

Get Our Best Stories! Just mash attack and watch Batman pummel his foes with a variety of canned animations. If you don't follow the above rules, your comment will be deleted. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That's a welcome touch, especially in a mobile game that you may play in short sessions on a commute or in a waiting room.

Despite this length, the missions feature a healthy amount of variety one-note, stiff brawling aside. PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

The Dark Knight Rises for PC Windows 7/8//10/XP or Mac OS X | Apps for PC Android

It's a tight movie tie-in that manages to avoid disappointment—a rarity in the video-game industry. And there are no loading times as you move datk between the city. The Dark Knight Rises.

On the contrary, no one is expecting anything from the Batman game and with the history of movie tie-in games it would be a surprise if it is any good. No timing or skill required. I was blown away doing the same thing high above the skyline in the jet-like Bat. On a technical level what Gameloft is accomplishing is a generation ahead of nearly the entire industry. You can stand on a platform above an enemy and take mnight down with one key.

Visually, the best thing about The Dark Knight Rises is the enormous city Gameloft has created for the game. Taking down enemies gives you credits, which can then be used to purchase additional gadgets. Players move Batman with a virtual left thumbstick, and perform all other actions with a set of uncustomizable right-hand buttons.

As there's no physical button to let you know when your finger has slipped off of it, you can accidentally swipe the screen, which shifts the camera. The game spans six chapters with multiple missions per section that take place in well-rendered indoor and outdoor settings. Gameloft, thankfully, mixes up the action so that gameplay never gets repetitive. Even characters other than Batman use far few polygons than they deserve, making them resemble something straight out of the PSOne.

I was impressed cruising through Gotham at high speeds on the Batpod. The advantage of this is that the 15 minute refund period starts ries after the entire game finishes downloading unlike before, where the 15 minute period would start with the installer and would likely end before you finished downloading the additional files from within the game. However, the game takes some liberties with the story, by adding several extra events that never take place in the te, which is understandable because this is a game after all and there should be something extra for you to do.

The Dark Knight Rises

This power-up progression feels unnaturally slow. You bash baddies thw diverse locations ranging from rooftops to subway stations to skyscraper interiors to Gotham's streets. This is understandable as very little actually happens in the first half of the movie that could have been adapted for the game. The tablet devices holders and iPads, iPhone users can have The Dark Knight Rises downloaded in their phones for a wonderful piece of entertainment.

Forza Horizon 4 for PC. It's a mausoleum of a city that could have benefitted from citizens simply strolling down the street.

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