Borderlands general knoxx dlc

I left this one for last because I know it is the longest one, and most difficult one or, at least, it is supposed to be. He didn't really have that in BL1. Try doing the same with an unleveled gun type at endgame. Like one of his quests is to go unplug some sewage pipes. Since he's the lead writer it's his fault for ruining the atmosphere of Borderlands.

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In that same vein: Saeveus Mar 16 I just started General Knoxx with Mordecai in Playthrough 2. Brick was definitely meaner in BL1 but didn't they explain his personality change during BL2?

Greetings, Traveler!

That's the key mechanic that kept people coming back. In TPS the cars are pretty diverse, but the stingray is unfortunately less fun to use personally than the regular car.

That has to be the funniest weapon in all 3 games. That's also part of the reason I enjoyed the Dr.

He's just changed completely. In BL2 he's greedy to the point of being ridiculous. In BL2 she just seems overdone and flirting doesn't help much either. But if you're thinking of trying this add-on on Playthrough 2, get ready to die On the subject of "Cleansing Pandora": But I agree about the guns, I really missed the explosive snipers.

I don't think we ALL prefer Borderlands 1. I almost forgot Tannis. There will be a video walkthrough included, but I may as well put it in text, too. Midgets riding skags sounds like a silly improvement, but the difference in mobility and attack combinations makes a huge difference. It does feel good to wreck bosses and ride through the game's cycle of shoot, loot, customize, and shoot again, which makes it really easy to not notice or outright ignore how weak the game's plot actually is.

Also it makes sense that Roland is much more serious in BL2.

Review: Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Saw the new Mad Max international trailer today, and I thought you might enjoy. Be excellent to each other. It's a bit unnecessary to discover it. Handsome Jack was a really good villain, yes. Did he do it to stop them from hunting other vaults? Oh hey, more weapons to knpxx So far we've seen two downloadable additions to Borderlands.

It's as if they took BL1, put everyone in better vehicles, and then made it live action. On the subject of Angel, there's no need for her to be on Pandora. This item has been added to your Favorites.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Which, I think, is natural in terms of where the story was going. There's also new characters like Tiny Tina, who are just plain silly, and characters like Hammerlock, whose intro was cringeworthy. Borderlands 2 had better gameplay but Borderlands 1's universe was far more dark and interesting.

They were kind of drafted.

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