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We have built our solid reputation by offering the most responsive support in the profession be it by phone, chat or email. This product is very easy to use and userfriendly as well easy to adapt to project specific preferences. We set out to be recognised experts in understanding exactly what our clients are looking for and delivering a quality product with a speed and efficiency that will exceed your expectations. This product design for medium to large construction industries.

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Key aspects of Blue: What types of ancillary hardware e. And, you can use Blue almost anywhere at any time. Blue Bluee features a customizable practice Dashboard with programmable widgets, and the following practice management features: Best product for constraction Industray.

Thank you for the enquiry. This product is very dllphin to use and userfriendly as well easy to adapt to project specific preferences. Blue integrates with most TWAIN-compatible devices for digital x-ray systems and desktop flatbed scanners. BlueDolphin is a leading construction management system widely adopted by the construction industry.

How secure is Dolphin Blue?

Practices with an aging file server. As well as being a technician, he also has a strong aptitude for assembling development teams and keeping them motivated and productive.

Blue comes in two basic tiers: Blue is available in two tiers: Fred has 18 years of IT and technical expertise and a demonstrable track record of success in developing and implementing technical and IT solutions. All patient data stored in Blue are encrypted, as well as when in transit between the practice and the data softwsre.

Which mobile platform does BlueDolphin support? We have helped business find the right Software. Based on 7 user ratings.

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This diversity of experience has helped to enhance his approach to project management and understand how to get the best out of his teams. Conceived, built, and designed from the ground up, Blue works on all computing platforms and runs on all devices such as PCs, Macs, tablets and smart phones. Practices with multiple locations. Based on 5 user ratings. User Reviews 2 Write Review Ask a question.

Which means that when you engage Blue Dolphin Software you engage a team that has done the forming, storming and norming and comes to you already performing.

Blue runs on any operating system that supports a web browser. Blue brings an additional line of support to the ranks with its built-in Digital Adoption Platform DAPwhich guides you through the software in real time.

Although, due to data and application security reasons, we recommend you run the latest update of your operating system and browser.

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Official FDA certification is currently in process. You run the very latest version of Blue every time you login, and all data backups are done automatically with an unlimited amount of storage capacity.

Sign in with LinkedIn. He specialises in building and architecting enterprise web applications using the Microsoft technology stack and contemporary UI presentation frameworks.


How about for a check-in computer? The key features of BlueDolphin are as follows: Blue also supports "Dolphin-provided" integrations such as AirTechniques systems.

Connor McCarthy Conor has over 20 years of experience as a software developer and architect across many business sectors, including manufacturing, retail, entertainment and financial services.

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