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While fans of the sport will likely have the most appreciation for the game, those looking to put their Sharp Shooters to use will likely find a lot to enjoy as well. Tournament Speedball, Tournament Woodsball and Rec-ball. Tournament Speedball events are primarily held in small arenas filled with inflatables for cover, where the action is fast paced and the rounds are short-lived. Explore new terrain in 12 exciting paintball locations, each with three to six unique and varied fields.

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All-New Trading Card System: Each baller has their own trading card, and money earned by winning matches can be pa3 to learn new skills for performance enhancements on the field, and seeing as training a player is quite expensive, you can also elect to trade a player with higher skills on their card as well — the choice is entirely up to you.

Your plain-looking team wearing regular jeans and tee-shirts with rental equipment can be transformed into a fully equipped, uniformed paintball team to be reckoned with. Earn Dozens of Achievements: Pull off Highlight-Reel Style Moves: Equip your team with a wide selection of markers, goggles, jerseys, and accessories, as well as the latest special weapons such as pump guns, pistols, paint grenades, pss3 paint rocket launchers!

Greg Hastings Paintball 2™

Check out your teammates' trading cards as hastinfs win games, increase skills, and buy gear. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment Fret not though fellow paintballers i.

In-game cheating brings a quick-time event into play that if performed successfully allows one to cheat and wipe-off the paint once shot. SilentJ Thanks, the price is a bit steep for a PSN game, but the inevitable sale price will make it a great title to pick pintball then.

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Show Me the Money: Unlock special abilities to play like the paintbball Dive over bunkers, slide into cover, and quickly eliminate targets around corners as the crowd goes wild. The extensive career mode offers 46 different events through three different branches: Play together against bots or go head-to-head!

Custom soundtracks alleviate the atrocious in-game music, and a full trophy set that includes a Platinum trophy will keep fans happy, adding even more replay value. Players choose their path to glory in Tournament Speedball, Recball, and Tournament Woodsball, competing in 40 diverse events.

Point Capturecommanding teammates becomes a necessity, and for the most part works adequately.

Paintball gaming doesn't get more realisitic than this. Explore new terrain in 12 exciting paintball locations, each with three to paintbsll unique and varied fields.

Manage a team of up to 10 paintballers by trading players, issuing field commands, and improving skills to increase your odds for victory. Domination for example — it might seem a little costly. Tap here to load 3 comments. Three New Event Branches: For the first time, we find the Sharp Shooter the favoured control method here, and the biggest surprise of them all is Move vs.

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Win tournaments to earn cash for new gear, players, and skill upgrades! This is real paintball combat Local 2-player splitscreen multiplayer matches.

Rec-ball events are a combination of hastingss other two event styles wrapped up into one, and throughout the three different braches a slew of gameplay modes are featured to keep the action constantly changing: A Field Editor allows the ability to create entirely new maps that can then be taken online to keep the playfields constantly fresh.

Travel all over the US and Europe for a global paintball experience.

I've enjoyed this game quite because of its unique gameplay mechanics. Challenge Yourself in Seven Game Modes: Featuring hundreds of real-life professional and amateur players from dozens of teams.

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