Declan galbraith tell me why

No Replies Log in to reply. Cause I don't understand. If you have original music that you would like to share BLIP. I am very happy for it.

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Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. I'm just disappointed that I never heard of him until I came galbrairh the video of this song on youtube. Woow it really toughs me, i really think it's meaningful words and i am from Norway. When you add a song to the playlist you will need to post a blog that outlines your reasons for presenting it.

Declan Galbraith - Tell me why

View all our pages. It is the opposite of that. I am very happy for it. Why do we have to cut down trees and burn them down?

Galbrairh does it have to be like this and why can't we do something about? Feel free to leave a valid comment or follow our site. I live in a country with no war.

Tell Me Why (Declan Galbraith song) - Wikipedia

It is an extraordinarily powerful video, and can be viewed on YouTube at http: It is an exhausting and losing battle that shall continue on through the ages. Lyrics submitted by MaenChild. Tell me why Why why, do we never learn?

User does not exist. It is an endless cycle. Why do we really lie? This is presented in the very first paragraph of the song.

Declan Galbraith - Tell me why lyrics

And we always think that: Tell me why why is there something I have missed? This is the most meaningfull text I ever read!

Using the shared class BLIP. President by Pink explores the c This first part of the song explains one of the main reasons why there are so many people in need in the world and why so much conflict goes on. I can't say how much I love this song. Why do the tigers run? It bravely asks the questions that no-one else is brave enough ask and it does it all through the innocence eyes of an eleven year old boy.

People tend to think that it is a nightmare and when they wake up it will all be gone. Even when I see news reports and advertisements pleading for people to help those people that are in poverty, even I ask myself all of these questions. Children tell me why? No Replies Log in to reply. One is hunting of animals such as tigers, and the other is war.

In the last verses, the song presents more questions to its listeners. There was an error. I think by getting a young child such as Declan to sing this song is what makes it so much more touching.

How are we suppose galbraitth tell the children of today and tomorrow that people are too stubborn to put their differences aside and work things out in a civilized manner.

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