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For this, Google Fonts and others bring the functionality Apparently Chrome fails to find any font family ending with the word "Bold" even if it is installed on the client PC. Alternatively, like many font issues, the problem can be mitigated by supplying a list of font families to use as fall-backs.

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SecretarialPool Macromedia Fontographer 4.

Arial Bold Version 5. Alte Haas Grotesk Bold.

Шрифт Arial Rounded MT

If you have an account, you can save results and share or checked later? Arial 1 Cyrillic Volume. When viewed in IE, Chrome or FF with hardware acceleration turned off the font appears correctly, like this Arial 1 Greek Volume. Looks like Arial rounded, but I can't find it.

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Take a look around their site for Rounded MT Bold or whatever else you want: Are you looking for a specific font, or just any suitable 'rounded' one? Free Personal Use Schnaubelt font. For people still looking for an alternative I think this one is a better match; its called Varela Round by Joe Prince: Usually, I just find the named font and add a space into the name of it, which "breaks" the call to the proper font, and the browser then moves on to the next font in the stack.

Arial Narrow Italic Version 2. You need to have an account to post to the forum Sign in or Register. Free Personal Use Ariak Bold font.

Arial Italic Version 5. But when viewed in FF with hardware acceleration enabled the browser fails to "find" the specified font so it defaults to another, like this Arial Rounded MT Bold.

Free Personal Use Dosis Bold font. Free Personal Use Quicksand Bold font. To use custom fonts with good cross browser compatibility, take a look at FontSquirrel. Arial Black Version 5. Free Personal Use Nunito-Bold font. Free Personal Use Drakalligro rouneed.

Arial Rounded MT Bold Version Preview & Download

Normsl will generate the correct CSS to get custom fonts working cross browser. JamWaffles The coding-style tag is for "Conventions and practices used in software.

Apparently Chrome fails to find any font family ending with the word "Bold" even if it is installed on the client PC.

Arial Bold Italic MS core font: Wavy Rounded BT Regular. Rounxed Fonts used by famous rock bands Some of the most recognizable lettering out there came from rock and roll. Arial Narrow Version 2.

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I daresay they might. Free Personal Use Nordica Bold font.

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